Olivia Longstaff

‘A vision into the materiality of painting. The work is a journey into the medium that makes up art history, pushing it to new limits in a contemporary style.’ 

Olivia Longstaff Artist

B.1997 Olivia was born in North Yorkshire, and grew up travelling the world with her family. She obtained her BA in painting from Newcastle University and is due to begin an MA at Goldsmiths in 2021. Her work features in a number of private collections. 

Much of Olivia’s work takes the form of large scale abstract oil paintings that are the result of lengthy processes of investigation and experimentation into the nature of the medium. Vital to her art is the innate desire to explore and learn new things about the process. For her this is a way of communicating her intrigue with a medium that has long enthralled the world, and narrated our histories.

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