The Rafiki Gallery supports emerging artists and collectors.

The Rafiki Gallery strives to represent and champion emerging artists. 

We are here to act as an art world conduit, providing a support network for both collectors and artists alike, in the hopes of strengthening the art community. 

As such, we are committed to offering professional and friendly service to all.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For the love of Art.


Exhibited artists

Aidan Stephen 

Almudena Rocca

Amanda Schwarzfeldt

Ameila Morgan

Annalisa Merrilees

Bea Illustrates

Bori Fulop

Charles Fletcher

Charlotte Hicks

Constantine the Artist

Danielle Rothmann

Emma Lake

Felicity Beaumont

Felicity Hamilton

Georgia Gardner

Imogen Luczyc Wyhowska

Rowan Rosie

Neil Kellas

Hannah Ustun

Sophia Pauley

Sophie Fairfaw

Lorna Sinclair

Imogen Pauley

Isi Williams

Jacob Littlejohn

Jody Mulvey

Katherine Hughes

Lauren Maria Haywood

Lee Kay Barry

Mia Takemoto

Morgan Bird

Sarah Kwan


Tiggy Beaman

Vira Ratman

William James Claridge

David Iain Brown

Lynsey MacKenzie

Lola Stong Brett

Siobhan McLaughlin

Louis Lisle

Hannah Benassi

Eve McGlynn

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