Our Story

Our Story

The Rafiki Gallery was founded in 2019, in the hopes to create a space for artists and creatives alike to support and celebrate the arts.

We at The Rafiki Gallery are passionate about supporting artists to realise their unique potential by strengthening and developing their individual practices. Our team strives to create strong working relationships with the artists we represent – relationships in which the artists feel heard and understood. 

We are a nomadic gallery, preferring the ability to stage exhibitions in locations that reflect the art.

Our Mission

 Working with exceptional early career and emerging artists is integral to the gallery’s ethos, as we believe they are the future of our ever-shifting art world, contributing to the current cultural dialogue with a modern lens. The gallery aims to help creatives harness and direct their artistic passions. By facilitating the representation and promotion of our artists, those we represent are afforded the space to focus on the act of creating

The Rafiki Gallery works symbiotically with artists to nurture their practices and aid them in realising their individual ambitions. Those at The Rafiki Gallery endeavour to push the limits of our contemporary, media-driven world and engage with an ever-evolving artistic ecosystem. 

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