Memories & Visions

David Iain Brown
Rowan Rosie

Memories and Visions

9 - 22 July 2021
The Upright Gallery, Edinburgh EH10 4HP
Wednesday - Sunday
10 - 5 pm
Late viewing via appointment

The Rafiki Gallery is pleased to present the work of Rowan Rosie and David Iain Brown in the exhibition ‘Memories & Visions’. This show brings together the two Glasgow based artists for the first time and offers an opportunity to view their works side by side. The show will include entirely new bodies of work for both artists, and will be on show as part of a Gallery residency at the Upright Gallery.

The work displayed in the show is bound together through the lens of memories and visions, the human sensations we all encounter. The idea of remembering a space through a lens that your mind creates is prevalent in the work. The emotions one places on those memories all play a part in how they are later remembered. These memories can be projected as visions, a pairing together of the remembered and the imagined. The physical embodiment of these sensations are distilled into the paintings, snippets of the landscape, people, light, texture, pattern and architecture are seen throughout. Each artist has a distinctly unique method of production and their work reflects the history of creation.

Take time to get lost in the work and allow yourself to absorb the memories and visions within.

Memories & Visions


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