Annalisa Merrilees

‘A deep dive into texture, colour and process. The work takes geometric abstraction to new heights, the repetitive mark making and chance compositions allow a personal investigation into the medium.’

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B.1995 Annalisa Merrilees is an Edinburgh based visual artist, whose work focuses on the interplay between chance, control, colour and texture.

The detailed lines and geometric shapes in her work are all painted by hand, and are juxtaposed by the softer brushstrokes that are often visible when inspecting the surface. This balance between control and chaos, colour and form all go towards creating art that is balanced and layered. The process of painting is a deeply personal one, and its in the creation of these works that the thoughts and feelings of the artist are narrated. 

The use of a random number generator to allocate colours to a base grid encourages an autonomous genesis to the work. This initial decision, removed from the artists control is then balanced through the careful intervention and response of the artists hand. 

There is a complexity at work within these paintings that go beyond what is initially seen.


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thumbnail_Annalisa 2563 2019 mixed media 28.6x41cm £300


Mixed Media on board, 28.6 x 41cm


Oil paint on board, 59 x 84cm

thumbnail_Annalisa 12 2019 mixed media 45x45cm £400


mixed media, 45x45cm

19. Mixed media, 20 x 20cm


Mixed media, 20 x 20cm

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